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CFSO Pamphlets

  • Service Overview

  • Settlement Services

  • What is Spousal Abuse?

  • "Spousal Abuse" How much do you know?

  • Spousal Assault - How to Seek Help?

  • The Transitional and Housing Support Program

  • Child Abuse

  • Elder Abuse

  • Sexual Assault

  • Workplace Harassment

  • Dating Violence

  • Partner Assault Response Program

  • Gambling - What a price to pay?

  • Do you have a Gambling Problem?

  • Does Someone In Your Family Have a Gambling Problem?

  • Understanding Problem Gambling

  • Youth and Gambling Problem

  • Gambling Problems of Your Family Members

  • Screening for Problem Gambling

  • Problem Gambling - Across Province Intervention Hotline

  • What Is An Addiction?

  • Choosing Life Without Alcohol: What You Can Do!

  • Are you Worried Your Family Member Has An Alcohol Problem?

  • Choosing Life Without Drugs: What You Can Do!

  • Youth and Drugs

  • Sex Education Series (I) - Homosexuality

  • Sex Education Series (II) - Struggles of Youth and Homosexuality

  • Sex Education Series (III) - When your child comes to you...

  • Family Life Education Resource Centre / Information Hotline

The above pamphlets are available at our office. If you are interested in receiving one or more of these pamphlets, please send your request to and we will mail them to you.


Counselling Services

Settlement Services

Program for Problem Gamblers




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